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Possibilities Coaching

“Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our abilities did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.” 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
GQG Consulting, Greg Hansen

“Envisioning And Transforming Possibilities Into Realities”
This is the Heart of GQG

At GQG Consulting, We:

  • Engage in a thoughtful, experienced, and collaborative approach to all facets of the visioning and strategic process.
  • Focus on helping individuals and organizations explore possibilities, move to action, and generate breakthrough results.
  • Employ state of the art techniques to push private, public, and non-profit organizations and individuals out of their comfort zones in order to envision their true potential.
  • Assist in strategic planning, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in preparing detailed business development strategies.
  • Facilitate metamorphoses based on these thought out objectives and plans.
  • Bring many decades of experience with overall strategic process design, implementation, and execution in domestic and global organizations.
  • Stand ready to work with you to meet and exceed your expectations.







“We engage, listen, question and then nudge our clients to explore new possibilities for crafting their visions and strategic plans, and providing execution guidance.”

GQG Consulting, Greg Hansen


Once the seed of an idea is planted, how do you water, fertilize, weed, and care for it, so it reaches maturity and you experience the bounty of the harvest? Taking an idea to an actionable output requires putting everything into a bigger context (locally to globally.) It requires examining interrelationships, exploring synergies, but also the practical and critical steps to determine if it’s viable or strictly ‘Blue Sky’. Copyright Business Diagnostics, LLC, Bainbridge Island, WA.

GQG Consulting, Greg Hansen


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. GQG draws upon the skills, competencies, and insights, gained from more than 40 years of professional, personal, and volunteer experiences in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors in Oregon and other states. This background, coupled with work and travel to other countries, plus an extensive network of resources, creates a ‘tool kit’ that can be drawn upon, to offer the proven expertise needed to fulfill your needs and achieve your goals, individually and organizationally.

GQG Consulting, Greg Hansen


Defining a mutually agreed upon scope of work (objectives, needs, audiences, deliverables, budget, and schedule) is the foundation to a successful engagement. What will spell “SUCCESS” for you?”

“Always focus on need fulfillment and goal achievement of others.”
Greg Hansen


“. . . there are no answers,
only further questions.”
– Saul Alinsky